HP2 Hearing Protection Cover

Like the original, this version is made using cordura fabric instead of clothing weight material for better wear resistance and uses foam backed Dri-Lex on the underside. The reason for the new version? It's faster and easier to make, which equals being able to keep up with demand and best off all, lower prices.

Although the price is lower I didn't compromise in the details. Like the original I opted to continuing using Dri-Lex. Why Dri-Lex instead of standard spacer mesh? Because it not only increases airflow, but also wicks moisture away from the surface. I'm also able to custom order it with a layer of foam laminated to the back for extra cushion. The name tape loop is still standard, but can also be ordered without for a lower price if you don't need it. When possible I always use matching camouflage loop.  Also like the original I opted to not go with a one size fits all approach.

Lastly, one of the most popular custom features from the original was a small loop centered in the back allowing you to hang your hearing protection using a carabineer, grimloc, or similar item. This feature is now standard. This makes storing you hearing protection at home, in the vehicle or aircraft, or on you gear a lot easier. 

For those of you who will ask about cable management. In the past I made custom versions with sewn on loops for securing cables. However, the best option I've found for securing cables has actually been to use strips of VELCRO ONE-WRAP® Fasteners. It's removable/replaceable, adjustable, and best of all cheap. The other option that works is good old rubber bands. Sometimes the simple solution is the best and most cost effective. VELCRO ONE-WRAP® fasteners are available here by the yard, at most hardware stores, and even some grocery stores. 


Peltor: Pretty much the one size fits all version. Approximately 9.25" x 2" when folded. (Fits earpro with 2" wide bands: Comtac, 6S, TacticalPro, Tactical Sport, and Sordin Supreme Pro with leather headband)

Sordin Pro x: Approximately 9.5" x 1.5" when folded (Designed for Sordin Pro X with 1.5" plastic headband)

Howard Leight: Approximately 10.25" x 2" when folded (Designed specifically for the Howard Leight Impact Sport)
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